Sauce Piquante A Cajun-Creole Band


Sauce Piquante plays the traditional dance music of Southwest Louisiana. We strive to capture the authentic, impassioned sound of country dance halls, house parties, and church dances while appealing to contemporary dancers and listeners.

Sauce Piquante's high-energy dance tunes and French vocals are rooted in two musical traditions: Cajun and old-time Creole or, as some call it, early zydeco. We like to conjure up the spirit of the old days, when everyone just called it “French music.”

The band name was suggested by Danny Poullard, the renowned Louisiana-born Creole accordionist who was the guiding spirit of the San Francisco Bay Area's vibrant Louisiana French music community. Sauce piquante is a highly seasoned stew. An approach rather than an exact recipe. Just like our music!

Sauce Piquante played its first dance in 1999. Ever since, we have been performing regularly at festivals and venues in Northern California and beyond. But we also love a good jam session. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by!