Sauce Piquante A Cajun-Creole Band


BLAIR KILPATRICK plays the accordion and does most of the singing with the band. She fell in love with Cajun music twenty years ago, on the first of many trips to Louisiana. She has studied with many Cajun and Creole accordionists (Bois Sec Ardoin, Steve Riley, Delton Broussard, Eddie LeJeune, Jesse Legé). Her primary teacher and mentor was the late Danny Poullard, first at music camp in West Virginia, and then at his weekly jam sessions in California.

In 1999, Blair started putting together a band. She and her husband Steve were eventually joined by KP and longtime guitarist ROBERT RICHARD, who was a core member of the band for many years until he moved back home to Maine.

STEVE TABAK played bluegrass mandolin for 20 years, until he picked up the fiddle to join Blair on the accordion.He has been particularly influenced by Creole fiddle styles, and considers Ed Poullard to be his primary influence. He is also a fine guitarist who has played with visiting Louisiana musicians. Lately, he has started to dust off that old mandolin.

KATHY "KP" PRICE, our bass player, grew up singing and playing piano. Her years of Cajun-Zydeco dancing in the Bay Area rekindled her desire to make music, so she took up the electric bass. Lately, she's been venturing into acoustic bass and triangle.

JIM RUTH, the newest band member, plays rock-solid rhythm guitar, in the style of Cajun greats DL Menard and Ann Savoy. He has enriched the band with his background in Irish and Old Time music. Jim is also a fine vocalist who is starting to join in on some Cajun French singing.

When we play for dancers, we'll often add a drummer. These days, our choice is usually SF Bay Area favorite David Hymowitz.